SAPS: Police Reservist Traineeship Programme 2020

SAPS Reservist 2020

SAPS: Police Reservist Traineeship Programme 2020

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South Africa

South African Police Service

Closing Date: 28 February 2020 Location: All Provinces

The South African Police Service invites members of the community that is energetic, intelligent, physically and mentally fit and
that is dedicated with the desire to serving their country on a voluntary basis as Reservists, to assist the South African Police
Service in the fight against crime.
A Reservist performs voluntary duty in the South African Police Service without any expectation of receiving compensation for
such duty.
In terms of the Regulations of the South African Reserve Police Service you may be called up by the National Commissioner to
perform duties in order to strengthen and support the Police in performing its constitutional mandate as set out in Section 205 of
the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 and that you will not receive remuneration (unless so called up). You will be
expected to perform a minimum of sixteen (16) hours voluntary duty per month.
Basic appointment requirements:


RESIDENCY: must be a South African citizen by birth AGE at least 20 years and below 50 years of age of which documentary
proof must be furnished
MEDICAL EVALUATION: Completes a health questionnaire determine by the National Commissioner, at his or her own cost, that
is confirmed by a registered medical practitioner.
FITNESS: is medically mentally and physically fit to perform the duties of a reservist
CHARACTER: is of good and sound character, for which positive background enquiries must be obtained
PSYCHOMETRIC ASSESSMENT: Fit the psychometric profile and has successfully completed any other test that may be
determined by the National Commissioner.
QUALIFICATION: is in possession of at least a senior certificate (Grade 12)or a National Certificate (Vocational) level 4, of which
documentary proof must be provided
LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY: is able to speak, read and write at least two official languages, of which one must be English
VETTING PROCESS: allow his or her fingerprints and DNA sample to be taken completes an assessment questionnaire is vetted
or screened
TRAINING: is prepared to undergo such training as may be determined by the National Commissioner

PRESCRIBED OATH: is prepared to take the prescribed oath of office
RETIREMENT AGE: understands that his or her services may be terminated at the age of 60
EMPLOYMENT: Employment is not a prerequisite requirement but applicants who are employed will receive preference.
Provides proof of employment where relevant
PROOF OF RESIDENCE: provides proof of his or her residential address
CRIMINAL RECORD: do not have a criminal record or any criminal or departmental cases pending against him or her (all criminal
or departmental cases must be declared)
TATTOO: do not have any tattoo marks of which will be visible if the person wears uniform, and that is irreconcilable with the
objectives of the Service.
I n accordance National Instruction3 o f 2014of The Reserve Police S


I n accordance National Instruction3 o f 2014of The Reserve Police Service the following persons will not be considered as a
reservist if he or she:
previously served in a Government Department or other employment and were dismissed as a result of misconduct, or
discharge as medically unfit;
a former Member of the Police whose application for re-enlistment was rejected due to negative considerations;
members of the Regular Force of the National Defence Force referred to in section 52 of the Defence Act, 2002 (Act No. 42 of
holds a key position as determined by the Department of Labour.
holds any post or office in a political party, organization movement or body;
is actively involved in politics or who is an outspoken supporter of a political party and who may violate the non-partisan
nature of the Police;
is a full-time or part-time journalist;
does not have a fixed residential address;
is not employed;
Is a scholar;
is a bouncer or chucker-out;
is a member of a municipal police service (including a local law enforcement officer);
is a sheriff or deputy sheriff;
is in any manner connected to a brothel, escort agency or any such undertaking;
is in any manner connected to a business or industry which had contracted with or submitted a tender to the State to render a
service of supply a product to the Police;
is in any manner whatsoever involved in –the private security industry(whether as director/partner or employee)/ taxi
industry(this includes but is not limited to the operation of a taxi service by him/herself, or employing another person, or the
performance of remunerative work for a taxi association, group or taxi owners or singe taxi owner operator)/ liquor trade or
keeping of a tavern or shebeen / preparation or completion of applications for liquor licences / private investigation
services(included but not limited to tracking work as agent, money lender , debt collected or financial institution, performance
of private detective work, interception of communications or planting of electronic bugging devices) / operation of a scrap
yard(as owner or employee)/ micro lending services / conducting the business of trading in second-hand goods / tow-in or
breakdown service industry/ gambling industry / preparation or completion of applications for firearms licences / rendering of
a physical security service / insurance investigations and investigations on behalf of agencies handling claims against the Road
Accident Fund /serving of court process, excluding the serving of summonses in civil cases / trading in livestock, excluding such
trading as part of bona fide farming activities / funeral undertaker.

How to apply for the Bursary

An appointment as a Reservist in the South African Police Service does not reserve any right or expectation to be translated,
absorbed or appointed as an employee of the South African Police Service; or preferential treatment (of whatsoever nature) for
consideration to be appointed as an employee of the South African Police Service. Should any Reservist wish to become an
employee or a permanently employed member of the South African Police Service, the prescribed selection and appointment
process of the South African Police Service will be followed and he/she must conform to all the prescribed requirements.

Recruitment / Selection / Appointment processes

All applicants will be subjected to a psychometric assessment, a medical evaluation at own expense and own medical
practitioner / doctor and an interview.
The SAPS will also verify the criminal records, qualifications, driver’s license, citizenship and residential address of each
Applicants will be subjected to a vetting process which will include security screening and fingerprint verification.
The Criminal Law (Forensic Procedures) Amendment Act, Act 37 of 2013 requires that all new appointments in the SAPS as from
31 January 2015 provide a buccal (inside cheek) sample in order to determine their forensic DNA profile. The forensic DNA
profile derived from the sample will be loaded to the Elimination Index of the National Forensic DNA Database.
The SAPS may also publish the names of applicants in the newspapers for public comments.
In view of the physical demands of the Reservist Training Programme, applicants with chronic diseases, physical impairments
or any other health conditionswill beexcluded. Applicants’ failure to disclose theseconditions will result in their withdrawal
from the trainingprogramme on the determination thereof.
In accordance with the SAPS Dress Order, applicants who have visible tattoos when wearing uniform will be excluded.

Reservist Training Programme

Selected candidates will be invited to attend the Reservist Training Programme.The Reservist Training Programme will not be a
once-off event and therefore successful candidates will have to avail themselves to attend the training sessions, aFer hours and
on weekends due to your work commitments. The training willconsist of Orientation, distance learning, contact
sessions,formative and summative assessments. Interested candidates will have to avail themselves to attend certain Learning
areas(Orientation to SAPS / Law / Community Service Centre / Crime Investigation / Crime Prevention / Street Survival).The
appointment as Reservist will only be effected on successful completion of the prescribed training.

Core Functions:

Successful Reservistswill perform general functional policing duties in sectors at station level. As such, they will be carryingout
one or more of the following functions:
Prevent, combat and investigate crime,
Maintain public order,
Protect and secure the inhabitants of the Republic and their property,
Uphold and enforce the law

How To Apply

Complete the prescribed application form in your own handwriting.Download Application Form
Applicants must take note of the fact that application forms are not for sale and any payment offered by an applicant or
promises provided in this regard will be investigated and may lead to criminal prosecution. Applicants may report such
incidents to the National Anti-CorruptionLine at telephone number: 0800 701701.
Specify the Station for which you are applying.You are advised to apply to join as a reservist at a Police Station close to your
place of residence as you will have to commute to and from the station with your own transport.
Make sure you have signed your application form in front of a commissioner of oath.·Attach certified copies of your:
Matric/Senior Certificate (Grade 12 certificate or equivalent qualification),
Additional qualifications,
Proof of permanent employment,
Proof of residence.·Submit two (2) colour ID photographs, one of which must be attached on the prescribed application form.
Application forms must beobtained at your nearest Police Station (HRM Office), and hand delivered at your nearest Police Station
(HRM office)
Correspondence will be conducted with successful candidates only. The South African Police Service isunder no obligation to
appoint any one in accordance with the advertisement. If you have not receivedfeedback from the South African Police Service
within 3 months of the closing date, please regard yourapplication as unsuccessful.